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  1. Bamber

    It's April 1st 🤭

    Listening to the early morning farming program on the radio. First item is about robot lawnmowers escaping and causing havoc in wheat fields. A farmer went the extra mile and made a video too...
  2. Bamber

    Happy Birthday Konifur

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    *** Roo uploader image post problem ***

    There is a problem with Drag & Drop of images from your computer. The images are uploading, but not displaying. We have contacted Admin, but there is as yet no response. We recommend using the Imgur uploader and linking from there: here's how... when you open Imgur, click on NEW POST in the...
  4. Bamber

    A very brave and amazing young lady

    Evie suffers from tourettes. It's not just a verbal problem, there are physical problems too. I have immense respect for the way she's letting everyone see how incredibly awkward it makes her life, simply so we can all be aware of what tourettes really is.
  5. Bamber

    Sharp shooting

    I think the title should say gunshot, not shotgun.
  6. Bamber

    A different domino effect

  7. Bamber


    Got to love these acorn elves (dubanci in Czech). More about them here... Dubanci - information for foreign fans - Dubánci
  8. Bamber

    Let's wish Steven T a Happy Birthday 🥳

    I hope you have a great Birthday. Don't start any conflagrations! Blow the candles out before you hit the vodka!
  9. Bamber

    Bringing art to life

    Rembrandt's Night Watch brought to life for the Rijksmuseum in Holland, to encourage visitors to their exhibitions.
  10. Bamber

    A young Aladdin's film

    Remember Aladdin? Here's what he says about this: This video has been recently converted from a Super8 film that has been languishing in a box in a container in a drawer in a cupboard for years... decades in fact. This animated classic was made by myself and another kid, Hugh Blemings, around...
  11. Bamber

    ♫ ...An' it don't seem a day too much... ♪♫

    Koni and Anne are celebrating their Ruby Wedding Anniversary today. As it's 40 years I thought a line from "My Old Dutch" was appropriate as a thread title. Happy Anniversary Steve & Anne
  12. Bamber

    It's Sexylady day 🎂

    I hope you have a great day
  13. Bamber

    Star Trek warm up

    I always felt it was a bit operatic. The conductor, Rainer Hirsch, is well known in the UK for making classical music fun.
  14. Bamber


    I'm not usually one for poetry, but this fellow is exceptional. His poems are up to date and pertinent, and it is a marvellous way of getting his messages across. I thoroughly recommend spending a little time checking out his YouTube channel.
  15. Bamber

    Bee hotel 🐝 ❤️ 🌼

    My sister has no garden, but she does have a balcony. She tried this for the first time last year. This year her bee hotel is fully occupied. For those of you who would like more bees around your flowering plants, here's a good way of encouraging them. How to build a bee hotel
  16. Bamber

    What is it? #553

    These come in a variety of very specific sizes. The long examples are around 4 inches, 10 centimetres.
  17. Bamber

    He knows how to "Dad"

  18. Bamber

    What is it? #552

    Once again a selection of items which fit comfortably in the hand. Give me either their name or function.
  19. Bamber

    All in the mind

    Innuendo. Or maybe in her end-o.