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    How to keep your pussy warm.

    Great! Now all the Roo guys want to snuggle like that. Easy boys ... I only can handle two at a time.
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    Forget "Read my lips" ... where is "Lick my lips!" Isn't that really why there's no more bush!
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    Happy 2007 boys and girls!

    Happy New Rear!!!!
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    won't take "no" for an answer ...

    Exactly ... false advertising! I want my money back!!! Sounds like you've been lucky! Yummmm!!!
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    Beep Beep

    Brilor! Don't look into the light!!! Pssst! *whispers* You have a little gold paint around your mouth
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    Wax World.........

    You're right! We're out of here! LOL
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    surf's up!

    Thank you! Reminded me of a guy I knew who collected swords. He told me that origin information. Too bad he wasn't that ... ummm ... thrilling. Wonder if they'll catch the next wave too?
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    Wax World.........

    Don't even see my little heart-shaped design there! I don't know about this place! :devil: :inlove: :devil:
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    won't take "no" for an answer ...

    I knew a man once with huge feet And a freakishly small ... nevermind :tounge2: :devil:
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    surf's up!

    That's the right word ... Thrill thrill –verb (used with object) 1. to affect with a sudden wave of keen emotion or excitement, as to produce a tremor or tingling sensation through the body. 2. to utter or send forth tremulously, as a melody. –verb (used without object) 3...
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    surf's up!

    Think she might need a surge protector!?! :tounge2:
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    here cums Santa Claus ...

    Cum early ... cum often Doesn't matter as long as you keep him cumming back for more! :devil:
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    sweet dreams ...

    He'll probably make a mess anyway if he wakes up in that condition. Or he'll wake up his woman. Someone is going to have to handle his situation! :laugh: :devil: :tounge2:
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    Santa Baby!!!

    Oh yeah! Love a man in silk .... Love a man on his way out of his silk ... Love a man getting into my silk. :devil: :devil:
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    my Christmas wish list ...

    I think that's Santa's wish list!!! :devil:
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    the tramp stamp ...

    I just have a little red heart on my hip. That way I can always tell him that I have a heart on for him too!!! LOL :inlove: :devil:
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    How to treat a black eye

    Wow! Those are nice! Wish mine looked like that! They definitely won't help the swelling ... nor the increasing discoloration ... nor that throbbing that he's feeling... Actually ... I don't think they're the cure at all!!! I'm thinking they may be the reason he got the...
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    Executive Training !

    Rather have a bottle in front of me ... Than a frontal labotamy!!! :blush: I think my boss took Ass Kicking and Brow Beating! LOL
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    Santa Baby!!!

    He can come down my chimney EVERYTIME!!! :inlove: :devil: :xmas: Thanx Sexy!!!
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    Santa Baby!!!

    Yeah Baby!!!! :thumbs-up :xmas: