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    Solem squares of tenderness, the poem of my life....

    Solem squares of tenderness,<br> Sadness inside me, <BR>But hiding it has become easy,<BR> Just, 'Smile' and 'Be happy<BR> Bottle up emotions<BR> Can't let the sheild teat<BR> Secretly, I cry, inside<BR> Outside, I am happy<BR> Acting Stupid, feeling worse<BR> Solem squares of...
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    *Hic* Ask me *Hic* anything

    Can't get *hic* to sleep, have *hic* insomnia and *hic* i'm drink-*hic*-ing could you *hic* tell??? and mostly i'm *hic* thinking umop ap!sdn *hic* :hehe:
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    *sigh* yawn....

    I'm soooo bored!
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    Hello :)

    Hi..... I'm Faith, ask me anything about me, I'm soooo bored :)