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    The Love!!!

    Thank You So Much Angel'sMom You are Such a Wonderful Woman Tammie & I Love You Very Much
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    Happy Birthday Lisha!!!

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm........ Birthday Thread for Lisha, eh???... I Don't Know..... Oh, What The Heck!!!!:) Happy Birthday!!! Lisha... I Wish You A Very Wonderful 30th of October!!! May Your Feet Never Smell & Your Hair Never Fall Out. :) :inlove:I...
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    I need prayers PLEASE!!!

    :)You are in my Hopes & Prayers... {{{BIG HUGS}}} I think you will be okay, mountain_gal. If it is another boy, what will you call him???
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    The Love!!!

    Here, Here!!! :) I sure think this thread can stay civil... I think all bad things are now in the past:) And if they're not... then The Love will just have to be moved again... and poo on the rats, if any, that may think of coming and getting rude. Thank You So Much For Everything...
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    The Love!!!

    :inlove:Okay, here is the new Love thread from Tammie & I :inlove: :inlove:I Love You Tammie:inlove: I Hope This Thread Works Better For You, Then The Last... :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:I Will Alwayz Love You My Wonderful, Beautiful...
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    I Love All Girls!!!!

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    I Love All Girls!!!!

    Okay, I hope I don't get banned for this, but you liz are a real peice of Shit and you are also a huge Nuckle Head... Since you are such a Stupid Bitch and have already Tainted this thread with your Stinch , I have only one last thing to say in this thread before I start a new one... I use to...
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    Oh Shit!!!

    Yes we will Baby... We gotz Tools for such things;) Like Warm Rasberry Brandy.....mmmmmmmmmmmm......or some nice warm Lube, lol.:)
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    I Love All Girls!!!!

    :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: God I Love You So Much Baby... I Can't Wait For You To Come Home, So I Can Kiss Your Pretty Lips & Hold Your Sexy Body... Tonight I Wish That We Can Get To Bed At A Normal Time & Love Each Other To The Fullest Without Having To Worry...
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    She's dessert..

    Where can I buy a Tray like that??? LMAO!!:laugh:
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    Who's Immune???

    Oh I Will!!!.....we can pick some up at The Mall today;)
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    Just checking

    LMAO!!!:laugh: It's alwayz good to make sure first.
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    Here you are my love...

    Better Watch Out!!!! .....I'll get ya with The Clamps!!!!
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    Who's Immune???

    I'll get ya with the Clamps!!!!!...
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    No More Sky Diving...

    LMAO!!! ....and you can get yours now!!! For only $83.50 plus S/H...:hehe:
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    Gotta Get Rid Of It Some How...

    I'll bet you do Baby ;)
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    What Did You Say??!!!!

    His pooter talks shit to everybody at work, ALL DAY!!! :)
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    No More Sky Diving...

    Not to mention being turned into Sushi, by a worly
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    Go Jesus, Go!!!...

    Have ya really???...CB!!! LMAO:laugh: