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    Hullou - Needz help.

    Can someone tell me how I access the Roo archive...? Because I am trying to locate my old post... It's called, Berginyon Lagoona: My life. Or something like that... And I don't know how to get the page to come up.... Because I can't locate it with the search function... --Bergy.
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    Here I am, and I remain.

    This thread I am gonna start is all about people, why they picked their name, what it means to them, and why they stick with it. The only reason I wanted to bring this up, is because when I talked to AoW about my name Berginyon Lagoona, she asked me why I didn't change it to a mutual last...
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    Bergy's Grandmother's Memorial

    As none of you know, because I haven't told you yet, but will be enlightened after you read this thread, My Grandmother (My Father's mother) died only a couple of days ago. I loved my grandmother, like any grandson would. We got along, we had fun, we hung out, we talked, we watched movies, and...
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    Strange dreams/night-mares.

    A long time ago, I had a dream, where I was in the classic repunzel situation, Very tall tower, with naught but a window as an enterance, (The princess didn't have long hair, I don't know how I got in.) And I was inside, talking to her. Naturally, she was my childhood sweetheart, (The gal I...
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    Divorce of souls

    Two people, So caught up in love, Two souls, entwined in what was meant to be, Two hands made one, made two, Two eyes, seeing the world for two. The entire world, a perfect harmony, Love, giving life to everything we see, The world, seen anew every passing day, Just laughing, at...
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    Triumphant return?

    No, not really. Just wanted yall to know, I have been ghosting for a while. Not sure what will come of that... Still hopefull yall will read my poetry post (Though, technically, it isn't strictly a poetry post... Whatever...) Anyway, I have been away from the roo for a while, and I am not...
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    It really has been a while

    I mean, Comon people, I have been gone for what... A year..? And everyone forgets my name. Oh well, I guess that is to be expected, I mean, Who would remember little ol me. Surely not ICM, or Sewnutzcl, Or anyone else here. Well.. I am trying to find my thread called Berginyon Lagoona, My...
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    PROTEST!!! Bergy style!!

    Until things are as they were, I intend to leave my signature the same, as it has been my signature since I was but a junior member (With a few alterations,) it is still ME! Until the HTML is let back into the sigs, I will PROTEST, in my quiet mannor until I get my way, or starve watching the...
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    You know what? Fuck me.

    I wish I could take back everything hurtful I have ever said... But... That, unfortunately cannot happen... the next best thing is erasing it... so no one else has to see it... --Bergy.
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    Does everyone hate me??

    It seems there are like... 4 people of the whole Roo... Who actually like me anymore... Is that so? If not... I wanna know why it seems like it. Oh well... Prolly just me bein paranoid. --Bergy.
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    Goodbye, Roo world...

    Don't worry... I will not be gone forever... But... I am going away for a while... My internet at home quit, My computer is off at Apple Inc. getting fixed, and I am not sure how reliable my connection in my Biotech class for connecting here... Until I get my connection back at home... I am...
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    Terribly sorry... But... I am lost... Again.

    Sometimes I do not even know what to think... There are times... Like now... I wish I had what I could never have. There are times I wish I was closer to my love... But... Alas... There is nothing for that... WHY??? Because I cannot love. I won't. I won't let myself. Anyways... I wrote this...
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    Hullou there... Mr. Nosey here. I want to get to know all of you... Not only that... I want all of you to get to know me and each other. Soo... How do we do that? I want to to post at 15-29 things about yourself that are like... interests... hobbies... Work... Things like that... Favourite place...
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    I was going to post this under the guise of a different name... But... The Roo is too smart for that... Soo... I will have to make due. Have you ever had one of those days where you knew your body wanted to fall asleep... But there was nothing in your additude of doing that... Like there was...
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    Berginyon Lagoona, My life.

    I know I posted all about me in Lost and Forgotten thread in Tell us about Yourslelf... But... I was asked to share something very close to me... Something I value at number 4 of things more precious that life itself for me... Simply because they helped many a person in my life, all because they...
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    Terrible love

    I know many people say there is nothing that can truly explain love. People also say that there is not rhythm, or rhyme for love, It simply is, and there is no reason. For me, it was amazing... Twice. When I met my first love, I was just escaping from dinner... I was thinking that I might be...
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    Lost and forgotten

    ***Lost and forgotten My love has always been there for me Through everything I can imagine Through pains and terrible regret Through joys of unbelievable proportion And even though my love seeks the heart of another, It comes back home as it always does, Weakened and lonely, never to...
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    Famous Last Words

    "Shut up! I see it!" "So that is a train" "Who ever heard of an unfriendly dog?" "Gang wars? Prolly just another band..." "Leave him alone!" "What do you want on your tombstone? No not the pizza!" "Wanna dance?" "A pistol on your person? Hmm... Where?" "Not many people in...
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    Battle of the sexes, In bed.

    The last thing that many people really think about when talking battle of the sexes, is what they can do in bed. Personally, I just turned eighteen and haven't turned my eye to that particular subject anyway, just thought I would post my thoughts. Pro's and con's of men. Pro, Has the...