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    How About A Three Pointer

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    [B]' FREE ' Pussy ..........[/B]

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    Biker Chic

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    I Was Only Playing With Daddy's Birdie

    One day Mommy & Daddy were in the master bathroom. Mommy was at the mirror doing her hair and Daddy had just stepped out of the shower. As he was drying his hair little Annie walked in on them. Little Annie (gasp), Mommy, Mommy what is that (pointing at Daddy’s private parts. Mommy was...
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    Frankie Baby

    Ahmmmmmmmmmmmm Clear your throats and get ready to sing along with FRANKIE BABY - Click on his poster ..... Enjoy .....
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    Make Love Not War

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    Thongs For Men

    My sister sent this to me and wanted me to share with all. Pretty funny....
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    Assisted Suicide By Microsoft Word

    I saw this and just had to pass it on.
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    Hi To All In Roo Land

    Just checking to see if there is any NASCAR fans here in the roo. Stop by my site and let me know what you think. (AL) CoolDude2004