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    All Holiday Stuff

    I was looking through, trying to find a halloween tube I posted a while back...took me forever to find it... So I thought I would start a thread on just Holiday stuff.... HALLOWEEN....CHRISTMAS....ETC.... Should be easier for peeps to find.....:sendinglove:
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    A Message for Squirt....

    lyfz/z3/F/g/6/d/a.baa-.jpg We are missing you....and hoping you are resting and drinking lots of water... so you can get better real soon! I Love you My Sunshine...with all my heart...:sendinglove:
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    Word Art (Feel Free to Add or Snag)!

    I have a thought I would share....:sendinglove: lu8p/z3/z/X/4/d/a.baa-.png
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    Tout française de Paris (Please add or snag)

    All things French and The Eiffel Tower too!! lim5/z3/9/f/1/d/a.baa-.jpg
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    The LightHouse Thread (Please add or snag)

    A Little Birdie told me... Someone in here likes Lighthouses....:hmm: Wonder who it is?? :hmm: Loves you Sweet Keta!!!:sendinglove: I've been on a Light House search.....
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    Our Favorite Things! (Please add!!)

    I think this is a good way to see what everyones favorite things are!! Please post your favorite Name Tags...Favorite Pics...Favorite Sayings...etc... (but only your favorites)!!! :sendinglove: :muah:
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    Color My World (Please add or snag)

    PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD OR SNAG! :sendinglove:
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    Sharing Tubes (Feel free to add or snag)!

    Just sharing my tubes!! Please feel free to add or snag!! :sendinglove:
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    Just Me.....Thanking all of you!!!!

    I just wanted to say Thank you from the bottom of heart..... To Everyone here at the Roo.....for all that you do!!!! Please feel free to add or snag!!!! So here is me......THANKING YOU!!!!
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    Down Came the Rain (Right on top of Squirt)....

    My Rain Folder is Full... I've been saving these just for you... FEEL FREE TO ADD OR SNAG!!! Hope you like??!!! Hugs and Love Carolyn xoxo
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    Tag Requests...Name Tags and Extras...

    I will be posting all of my latest work in well as my new and old extras. If you see a tag..that you like...feel free to Request in this thread...and I will get it made for you ASAP. Hugz Carolyn
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    This is Awesome...You gotta read it!!!

    This is long, but so worth the read.... They told me the big black Lab's name was Reggie as I looked at him lying in his pen. The shelter was clean, no-kill, and the people really friendly. I'd only been in the area for six months, but everywhere I went in the small college town, people...