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  1. TwiztedAngel

    Back for now

    It's been a long time since any of you have seen me around. My life has since changed. As of next month, I will be married for 6 years. I am burdened with the task of taking care of my 74 year old mother, whom has fallen a week ago, broke her wrist, and has stitches in her head. I would rather...
  2. TwiztedAngel

    On the news

    Who would cry for this guy?
  3. TwiztedAngel

    Back surgery scheduled!

    Forget male neurosurgeons. They refused to do anything. A couple of them even told me it's all in my head. On October 17, I go in to have pieces cut from 2 vertebrae, and a disc cut to take pressure off the nerves. During my bedrest, I hope to drive y'all nuts, while on morphine. After that...
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    Every here the country songs about some honkytonk. Ever wonder what is is? hon·ky [ˈhäNGkē, ˈhôNGkē] NOUN N. AMER. informal a derogatory term used by black people for a white person or for white people collectively. tonk [tongk] NOUN an offensive term that...
  5. TwiztedAngel

    Smashed in the ass

    I was taking Phillip to work today, when I got plowed into by an uninsured motorist texting on the farking phone. We are OK, but it looks like I have to do some redneck bodywork to make it street legal again. I have the lights and diamond-plate aluminum for the job, just to make it drive-able...
  6. TwiztedAngel

    Top ten reasons to reject Syrian refugees from US

    Top ten reasons Syrian refugees should not be allowed in the USA 10: They may have too difficult a time accepting the way things are here. 9: When they bring their "families", there are no females. 8: Even if they did bring their females, we have laws forbidding the wearing of masks...
  7. TwiztedAngel

    Why the chicken crossed the road

    Because it's legal in Bastrop, Texas For a three block stretch in the Central Texas town of Bastrop, more than 200 chickens roam the streets, stop traffic and attract tourists. “The chickens have first choice at the road,” Bastrop Mayor Ken Kesselus said. The flock of birds have...
  8. TwiztedAngel

    What to get for someone whom has everything

    It's time for Christmas shopping. The discussion came to "what to get for my brother", whom can get anything he wants. Being someone that collects stuff I can make things from, I had a gear from a Chevy Blazer that was in a fire. I bought 4 eight inch brackets for my project, and cut the gear...
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    We know some folks are up in arms over the whole gay marriage debate in the US since the Supreme Court decision... and it is due time for some fun. This woman took it upon herself as a court clerk to refuse to issue any marriage licenses to anyone as a result, and this can be a fun topic.
  10. TwiztedAngel

    A B C Medicines

    You know how this works. One, at a time, post the name or type of medicine going up from A to Z and then start back at A again. I'll start it off with Ambien
  11. TwiztedAngel

    The Odd Couple

  12. TwiztedAngel

    tested a video to gif app

    As usual, I was bored, and got a new app. Of course, I had to see if t was worth keeping, or if I was going to uninstall it, just like I do with most free apps. This app allows me to convert video to an animated gif file that I can oen in PSP's animation shop and try to get creative with. This...
  13. TwiztedAngel

    local surprise

    Coming home from shopping, we had a little surprise in our tiny little town that only has two intersections controlled with traffic signal lights. When we pulled into the drive, I saw this gorgeous boat and had to take pictures. When I got closer to take more pictures, I noticed...
  14. TwiztedAngel

    How Bitchy Are You?

    How Bitchy Are You? | I scored at 56%, making me "a balanced bitch". I guess .... everything in moderation, keep your cool but stand your ground, and all that jazz.
  15. TwiztedAngel

    cursed objects

    BLC1tA1yvOU One day while fishing, I had found this stone. I thought it was kind of cool, so I brought it home. I started having bad luck. Everything started going wrong. A trucker for Haliburton bought it for $100.00. He soon got kicked out of his apartment, lost his job, and his...
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    Once upon a time, I was born to a dysfunctional household where my father tried to end my life at the age of 3 months. I was adopted out to another dysfunctional household where my adoptive mother kept trying to kill me. Its funny how both households said I was just like an angel, and then they...