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    they really said that?

    Those who survived the San Francisco earthquake said, “Thank God, I’m still alive.” But, of course, those who died, their lives will never be the same again. – Barbara Boxer, Senator
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    Chrome at it again

    Several are getting this warning today. I clicked "details" then clicked "visit unsafe site" right in.
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    Meanwhile On Mars,...

    Meanwhile on Mar,... the natives were restless...
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    Wish Lists

    Everyone has a Wish List. This is one item that is on mine. What's on yours?
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    Trust Me....

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    Friday Fun

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    Old Folks

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    What go'es on in our pets minds

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    Parenting Humor

    Just saw a mom take her son into the women's restroom at Target. Why does that strike me as unusual? He was at least thirteen.
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    Just Can't Hide My Feelings....

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    If you're an asshole and you know it....

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    I was just thinking of you ......

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    I'm just sayin....

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    Birth of a Nation A tribute to forgotten faces by: Lori Simpson

    My Daughter composed this and posted on her Facebook. I just thought everyone might like to read it. Birth of a Nation A tribute to forgotten faces by: Lori Simpson They stand among the lost and forgotten Beneath unforgiving swollen skies Waiting for splinters of lighting To awaken...
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    Arella needs our thoughts and prayers

    Donald A. Hebb October 10 at 10:45am Report Yesterday Arella was taken to the University of Toledo Medical Center after she had a minor stroke. While there Arella had a major stroke. She was transfer ICU last night. They can't give her any medications for the clot right now. She is talking...
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    my son saw my pay check....

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    Treating a black eye

    A black eye (periorbital hematoma) or 'shiner' (colloquial) is bruising around the eye commonly due to an injury to the face rather than an eye injury. The name is given due to the color of bruising. The so-called black eye is caused by bleeding beneath the skin around the eye. Sometimes a...
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    Not His Time To Die

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