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    miscellaneous Tubes

    Feel Free to Snag and Post and have fun
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    People tubes

    Enjoy everyone
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    pet sematary

    This is where we could put are lost beloved pets please come here to remember them and share until your hearts content about your beloved pet:emoji_heart: So I will start it off with my dear Jazzy my beloved Pug I lost my Jazzy last september she was a joy always by my side. What a little...
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    Thinking outside the Box

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    # Walk away

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    The Lie We Live

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    Makeup & face painting Art

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    Prepare for WW3

    Please prepare within 24 hours everything could change we could be in a world war God bless us all because this has just got very serious.. Your all in my prayers and keep me and my family in yours..Just in case this time it really happens because we all know it was coming... World War 3...
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    Happy Birthday Sharif

    I hope & pray all your hopes and dreams come to pass may God continue to pour out His blessings upon your life. I love you more then you will ever know. Oh I have a surprise for you I got you one more gift I know I am a awesome mother
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    New Bundle of joy

    I just found out that my grand-daughter has made her grand entrance into the world Her name is Evelyn her weight was 5 pounds and 8 ounces she is two weeks early.I ask for a picture of her so I am waiting for that when I get it I will post it.. Congratulation Omar & Laura on your new bundle of...
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    My Son Sharif is joining the Roo

    my son Sharif is Joining the Roo the place is about to be lit lol please give him a big welcome my peeps...;)
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    Waynak means where are you

    The guy with the curly hair is my son's Cuz on fathers side and their father looked just like Adam Saleh when he was his age... he just made this video his album just dropped and its on fire... Waynak means where are you...
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    Cute & funny saying's

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    Fashion is a beautiful thing

    Fashion is a beautiful thing No nudity please!!! ​
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    mandela effect

    You all know me I'm not really into debating but I came across this and it's blowing my mind I feel like I just woke up in the twilight zone So here it is for you all who doesn't know what the Mandela effect is ... These false memories have some people thinking their memory sucks, but some...
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    Pictures you wish you didn't take

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    My life path number

    Their is meaning behind numbers if you keeping see the same number all the time could it be a message to you from your guardian angel could be... ​
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    Antique shop

    The Antique Shop Cool stuff to look at Please post your fines... Antique cylinders used to deliver rolled up handwritten letters.
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    Black art in america.

    I fine Black art very beautiful and apart of are rich history!!! Please feel free to post & snag... Enjoy my dear friends..