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    Gina's snagged Tags . Add if you like!

    Feel free to add. I did not make these tags. Just sharing what has been shared! Hugs!! <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
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    Im Back!!!

    I have missed all of my friends here! My life got crazy for divorced. But now I am back, and will start making tags again. Love you guys.
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    My Grandbaby

    They are enducing my daughters labor on the 24th!!! So, I will be heading out for Utah in a couple of days.Im so excited!!! Big Hugs, Gina
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    Sign up for Ginas tags

    Ok, I am trying to get organized and not forget anyone that wants the tags that I make.So, If you want these tags, please add your name here so that I wont forget to make them with your name on them.LOL
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    ABC Cartoon Characters

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    Gifs and animations for Animation shop

    I have tons of gifs to add to tags, so I will be posting them here:D
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    Blank Tag Backs

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    Accents for PSP or photo shop

    I Love accents!!So, I thought I would start a thread to share them.Feel free to add any that you have.Big Hugs,Gina
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    ABC Music Groups