72,000 Stimulus Checks Sent to the Dead


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Jul 26, 2005
The Social Security Administration sent about 89,000 stimulus payments of $250 each to dead and incarcerated people. The agency was charged with distributing the one-time payments, worth about $13 billion in total, as part of the economic-stimulus package passed in February 2009. Most of the payments were made in May 2009.

The inspector general found that about 72,000 payments were sent by electronic-transfer and as checks to people who would have qualified to receive them — had they still been alive. The report said that of these payments, about 55,000 were sent because the recipients had died recently, and the Social Security Administration had not been informed of their deaths by states, families or funeral homes at the time the payments were sent. The remaining 17,000 of the mistaken payments were attributed to the SSA failing to properly process death records that it did have.

Another 17,000 payments went to recipients who were in prison at the time the payment was made in May 2009. However, not all of those payments were necessarily against the letter of the law. While lawmakers intended to prevent payments to people in prison, the law included only a provision prohibiting payments to people incarcerated in the three months before the plan was passed — from November 2008 through January 2009.

Well, ACORN did have dead people voting for Obama. I guess he has to pay them back somehow!


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Feb 27, 2008
So, Syb, what was your point?

That the Government acted on the best information obtainable to them, at the time?

And what was wrong with that?

That they later corrected their mistakes, when they learned otherwise?

I totally fail to see any merit in whatever it is you raise here, Syb!

Sounds, instead, Syb,
as if you ought to be find some reason to praise the government,
for its diligence, in enforcing the laws, of benefits, and privileges.