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Mar 2, 2004


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Apr 19, 2004
Strange I spent a lot of time in librarys and I never did that. Must've been cuz I read the books without


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Mar 2, 2004
LadydeMontego said:
I think it's your turn to read now and for me to keep quiet... ;) :devil:
by La Belle Rogue

Trembling at her presence
but not with fear
His only fear being
that her hot passion
will be more explosive
than even he, a virile man
can possibly accommodate
She is more than enough woman

Watching her from a distance
as all heads and eyes gravitate
in her direction like magnets
drawn to steel, when she
saunters into the crowded room
Dressed in crimson velvet
Draped with midnight mink
Bold eyes and inviting lips

[font=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]Rounded hips moving
from side to side as the
thigh high slit in her long skirt
divides to showcase, long,
slender, curvaceous legs
that make him wild to feel
the pleasant pressure of
their heat wrapped around him

[font=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]Red highlights in her chestnut hair
dance seductively with
the flickering of candles
He imagines how it would look
falling down around her
smooth, ivory shoulders
and bouncing with each thrust
as she majestically rides

[font=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]She reduces him to ash
when her dainty tongue
greedily licks her scarlet lips
as her intense dark brown eyes
brazenly look him up and down
lingering on the hardening bulge
he is battling so valiantly to hide
while willingly losing seduction's war

[font=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]Her lips break into a warm
pouting smile of approval
as her pinky finger crooks
and motions him to her side
Like an obedient pet he complies
and the heavy sweetness of
her jasmine perfume transports
him to somewhere he hasn't been

[font=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]Her voice is throaty, and her
whispered words, with long vowels
fall softly on his alert ears
like a whif of magnolia blossoms
borne on a sultry Southern breeze
His knees grow weak with wanting
as hot blood rushes to awakened loins

[font=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]She motions to the door, he follows
By streetlight her diamond earrings
swing back and forth with a
tantalizing rhythm that brings
to mind a more primal one
He has to sample those lobes
as a prelude to tasting, devouring
the hard-candy confections that
adorn her full rounded breasts

[font=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]He leans down closer, closer
His eyes infatuated with deep
cleavage revealed by a low neckline
that leaves very little to imagination
She stands on tip toe and seductively
whispers in his ear…."Sweet Man
bet you'd be one Hell of a ride,
here's my cab, goodnight"


:devil: :wow: :tounge: :inlove:​


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Feb 18, 2004
heh heh. me likes. :devil:​

Prisoner of The Knight

You know me not by day,
The night is my domain,
That is where you come for me.

I long for your peaceful slumber,
When the spinning of your mind ceases,
No longer diverting the pursuit of pleasure.

I wait impatiently,
Lonely for your touch,
Until you dream once again.

That place beyond is where you find me,
I am forever there, drunk with anticipation,
Writhing, ready for your touch.

Impale me,
That is what I'm pleading for,

The surging passion of union,
Divine intoxication;
Is it ecstasy or madness?

Rest in me; calm yourself in my still waters,
Raging as a tempest against your shore,
As you awaken once more, without me.

A prisoner, existing only for your embrace,
Reason erases remembrance when you arise.
By day it holds me hostage, or is it you bound by this quest?

Always retreating, I keep you with iron chains,
Invisible, yet strong as spider's webs,
That no man can tear asunder.

Goddess, granting secret desires,
With deathless lips, I call out to you,
Breathless, "Release me from this exile."

Pierce deeply with your sword,
Bring me forth into the dawn,
To be scorched by the blazing sun, made One.

But alas, day again, your memories fleeting,
The feel of my soft skin fading.
Your hard armor cracking, was it a fantasy?

I cry out, "It was real",
Can you not hear me, even now,

Beckoning from the void? Like an elusive thought,
I skim the outskirts of your mind,
With torrid rustling, tantalizing your imagination with desire.

Logic banished me; he is king of Day,
Contemplating the loss of his empire.
He must not risk entrapment by a siren, a bewitcher of men,

Who would captivate and fascinate
This would be loner, stretching archer,
Weakening his defenses, distracting from his aim.

After Sunset, you are mine,
Always returning, Discernment cannot control you then,
For I am Queen of Night,

Reflecting like a silver moon,
The word of truth, echoing faintly in your ears.
How can Judgment be right to keep you from me?

It tries to keep you torn, not knowing,
Destiny unrecognized, causing your longing,
In the stirring silence of morning.

You must decide, worthy virgin, or scarlet whore,
Treacherous vixen, leading to danger
Or sacred priestess, residing in a paradise not yet found?

You will discover TRUTH,
When you defeat Separation and deliver me,
Allowing me to permeate your fortress.

Only when Night and Day, unite
And reign together as One,
Will there be peace in your tormented land.

Oh noble knight, see me as I am,
Look into my eyes, and face your fear.
Mine is not a lying mouth, whispering sweet nothings.

I beg you to release me; do not forsake me this time.
Take me with you into the light,
And I will guide you to a Nirvana of delight.

~ Please Re-Member Me ~

Copyright © 1999-2004
All rights reserved. Revised: March 29, 2004



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Feb 18, 2004
sharkangel said:
WoW LadyM. and Flowerew1
Sing to me the sound of Love once again

oh and thank-you .....

Hey! Glad you liked it sharky! :D I'm a poetry freak! :thumbs-up


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Mar 2, 2004
Whoa!!! :inlove:


By Mia

A slow muffled howl
Followed by a mournful sigh
I feel the wolf in me tonight
Looking, waiting, contemplating
My next move
I pace across the floor
Like a caged animal
Back and forth, forth and back
Moaning softly
I wait

[font=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]Hungry, so very hungry
But not for food
For more of you
Despising myself for being weak
And wanting

[font=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]The door opens
You have returned
Licking my lips in anticipation
I shiver with delight

[font=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]We embrace again
Resuming our coupling
Like we never stopped
I live for this
For you



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Feb 18, 2004
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Red Devil In Control

OK Baby, no more delay
I brought my whip
and I'm ready to play
You're shackled up
and I'm in control
Tonight the Red Devil
takes you…. body and soul

Enjoying the view from there
of the skimpy black leather
I decided to wear?
No misunderstanding
as long as you know
when I give a command
better not be slow

Unless I order you
to take your time
slowly pleasuring all
the lady treasures you find
Mmmm Sweet Man
I'll make you beg and moan
You can't reach the door or telephone

I'll take everything I want
You're all mine tonight
I'll make it so "hard" on you
but I'm sure you'll like
all the things I force you to do
Hope you're famished, Baby
and dying of thirst too

Don't dare to refuse me anything
This tiny, leather merry widow
is bursting at the seams
I plan to torment you, Baby
until you writhe and scream
I can be dangerous, Mister
this scene could turn real mean

Don't pull against
two long, shapely restraints
I'll wrap around your waist
Don't you dare to turn away
from the sweet things your face
I'll crack this riding crop, Baby
You're mine, body and soul
Tonight is your darkest hour
The Red Devil is in control

©Copyright Sensual Venus - La Belle Rouge 2002-2004



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Feb 18, 2004
LadySouls said:
Strange I spent a lot of time in librarys and I never did that. Must've been cuz I read the books without

Maybe you just weren't reading the right books dear! :D


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Feb 18, 2004
flowerew1 said:
Whip me! Beat me! Make me call your name!

WooooHoooo! :devil:

And if you forget my name.... you'll definitely have your guts served to ya on a platter! :devil:


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Mar 2, 2004
sharkangel said:
I do believe you have met you balance for 'torture' Flowerew1
A little pain never hurt anyone! Or did it!?!

Well it's my turn let see whatelse I have in this magical book of poetry ...

Quickly, the hour has passed
[size=+1]it's almost midnight now[/size]
[size=+1]gone is the Full Moon,[/size]
[size=+1]the Pleiades are gone too,[/size]
[size=+1]and I'm left lying here[/size]
[size=+1]alone and deserted[/size]
[size=+1]EROS, bringing troubles[/size]
[size=+1]EROS, forging fairy-tales[/size]
[size=+1]snatched my soul and pulled it out[/size]
[size=+1]just like the wind from the mountains[/size]
[size=+1]rushes into the pine-trees, howling.[/size]