December Positions of the Month


Nov 6, 2003
December's Sexual Positions of the Month

Items needed: one straight (not rounded) coffee table

That's right - all hail the coffee table this month! All you
will need is one coffee table and two excited partners. Think
you can provide that? While you sip your eggnog and put up
holiday decorations, think of various furniture you can use
to "take a break." A luscious, yummy break that is. A coffee
table isn't just a prop for holding candles, the television
remote, or yesterday's paper. Clear it off and poof! it
magically becomes the best sex prop in your living room.

In this first position, the female should lie on her back
on the coffee table. Her lover should straddle the coffee
table at her pelvic region, facing her. As his legs go on
either side and feet touch the floor, he can bring prop her
buttocks on his thighs and wrap her legs around his waist.
Now her derriere should be lifted, granting deeper and
readier access to the G-spot. He now has perfect access to
penetrate her.

Benefits to this position: plenty, of course! The woman can
hold onto his thighs for support and to add leverage. Also,
the man can use his leg muscles to push off the floor, steady
the rhythm, etc. And let's not forget the visuals, people!
There's hardly a more arousing sight for a man than his
lover's breasts swaying as he penetrates her. Men, do you
disagree? Didn't think so! Plus, she can reach up and
massage his chest, lean forward to alter the sensation, and
much more. Moving right along...

This next position also highlights easy access to the G-spot.
Hmm...I am beginning to notice a trend in the positions of
the month. Alas, I digress. Again, you will need a coffee
table for a sexual prop. The woman should be on her knees
and lean herself over the end of the table, so her upper
body is draping over it. Are you visualizing this? So now
her buttocks should be exposed and ready for play. This is
similar to the doggie-style position when the man penetrates
her from behind. However, you can slightly alter the
sensations if the woman leans forward, backward, up a little,
etc. The idea is to help you think outside of the box. No
pun intended, I swear! You might try doggie style in your
bedroom, but merely changing the location, for instance in
front of the Christmas tree, can increase and/or change the

GREAT SEXpectations :tounge2:


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Dec 2, 2003
thanks for the "tips"! Tried these as we were putting "up" the Xmas tree and that lil table did cum in handy....... hahahahaha...........keep me posted on more as they cum along.............


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Oct 3, 2003
Jim, you need to get a clue.

Women aren't into vulgarity. And the few that are, would still be disinterested.
You blatantly disrespect women with your attitude.

I will say this, I feel it may be because you are trying to overcompensate for something. Perhaps your health issues, or past rejections.

Regardless, just chill out with the smut, and try to be human.....and humane.

Suggestion here, do NOT PM anyone seeking an outlet for your extra-curricular activities, and it would be best if you remove the site from this thread.

I am just giving you honest and up front advice. Take or leave it. You can be a much better person without the 'show' you think might turn women on, but it is (and trust me) a HUGE TURNOFF!!!

Have a good day....and please do NOT Pm me in regards to having sex or otherwise, I wont be interested.
Thank for listening.