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May 5, 2004


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Jan 7, 2009
I introduced the new police sergeant Rob in my "Around Totnes" thread. I said that I'd heard he's a good man. Here is the reason for that belief, from a fellow Totnesian, Maia:

I've been told I should share this, it is a personal post from last Saturday. But perhaps it is also good to share a bit of depth that is positive. Even if it does not seem to begin as if it will be uplifting, truly it is...

You never know when a moment is going to happen. The worst moment in my life was finding my dad Ali. His death cracked my world. He lay in his living room and for a few hours just me and Karen sat with him in his stillness. I went next door and got a white scarf blessed by the Dalai Lama to put on him and some incense, and gently added to the air around him with blessings and scent. After some time I called the police to tell them. Before the coroners came to take him away there was space in time where one person was there who knew none of us. To this day I do not remember his face so much shock in that moment a face did not matter, but the feeling could not have mattered more. His feeling was one of love. If a person can come into a space of such shock and sorrow and sit still, and be present, and take nothing away, but add something of value that has stayed with us to this day, that is deeply special. And this police man who sat with us as a total stranger, did just that. It took two years for me to be able to try to thank him for being the only person in the world it seems who could have sat in that space and been the right person. I found out his name and the station he worked in and sent a print of Karens, with love from both of us. He wrote message back telling us of the honour he had felt to be part of that moment, that it was so full of love it had touched him deeply and he had talked about it often. This was 5 years ago that I sent the thank you... Cut to today…

A really sweet police man in town, with a little father Christmas hat on top of his helmet. Made us laugh a lot, such is this crazy time of stifled human expression, that this vision of fun really was bloody lovely. Actually every single moment that is lovely seems to be so hugely important when in comparison to the weight of the backdrop of viral talk… We talked about peoples mental health and how this time was having such a detrimental effect on so many. He said he always had the Father Christmas hat on his hat in December every year because it really encouraged people to connect. Sweet guy indeed. The total opposite of all the images we see at the moment of violence and aggression. Just exactly what you would want in a Policeman… I took his picture as a fab example of sweet! My mother Karen and me having a chat with him, really sweet…

And he turns to her and says… Actually I think we have met before… You had a bereavement... A few years ago…. I was there…. At which point all our worlds collided…. This young man had sat with us in the worst moment and had felt nothing but love in that room. He stood today and told us how much it had meant to him to be there that day. How the image we sent him he still treasured. How full of love he had felt. How he has talked of that moment to many because it meant so much to him to be a part of it... We in turn are still so overwhelmed by how a stranger could have brought something amazing into our and Ali’s moment and had really wanted to thank him for all these years for just being him… All three of us had eyes full of tears in the middle of the high street today. As we were all transported to Alis house that moment, and here in the street this moment and it was all wrapped into one. So Totnes has a new Policeman and he is all heart and presence and love. And there is no way we could want for more than that…. And his name is Rob…
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