Eighty-Nine things a woman can't do..


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Mar 20, 2008
1. Know anything about a car except its color.
2. Understand a film plot.
3. Go 24 hours without sending a text message.
4. Lift.
5. Throw.
6. Run.
7. Park.
8. Fart.
9. Read a map.
10. Rob a bank.
11. Resist Ikea.
12. Sit still.
13. Tell a joke.
14. Play pool.
15. Pay for dinner.
16. Eat a kebab whilst walking.
17. Pee out of a train window.
18. Argue without shouting.
19. Get told off without crying.
20. Understand fruit machines.
21. Walk past a shoe shop.
22. Make a decent bacon sandwich.
23. Not comment on strangers clothes.
24. Use small amounts of toilet paper.
25. Let you sleep with a hangover.
26. Drink a pint gracefully.
27. Get a round in.
28. Throw a punch.
29. Do magic.
30. Like your friends.
31. Enjoy porn.
32. Eat a really hot curry.
33. Get to the point.
34. Buy plain envelopes.
35. Take less than 20 minutes in the toilet.
36. Sit in a room for five minutes without saying "I'm cold."
37. Go shopping without phoning 20 friends.
38. Avoid credit card debt.
39. Dive into a pool.
40. Assemble furniture.
41. Roll a booger between finger and thumb.
42. Set a video recorder.
43. Not try and change you.
44. Watch a war film.
45. Understand why flirting results in violence.
46. Spend a day by themselves.
47. Go to the toilet by themselves.
48. Buy a purse that fits in their pocket.
49. Choose a video quickly.
50. Conserve electricity, water or any other form of energy.
51. Admit they are wrong.
52. Not try and undermine you.
53. Let you make your own decisions.
54. Agree with you.
55. Use common sense.
56. Make a major change to the world for the better with an invention.
57. Construct a floor plan.
58. Remember something that isn't for them.
59. Win something.
60. Walk out of a store with stuff they didn't plan to get before they walked in there.
61. Get something done right the first time.
62. Call anyone 'mate'.
63. Stay in the Kitchen.
64. Stay quiet for longer than one minute.
65. Find Madeleine McCann.
66. Cook.
67. Stop making their husbands lives hell.
68. Get married and still give a blow job.
69. Have their money ready before they get on the bus.
70. Clean out a tropical fish tank.
71. Get ready in the morning without making a racket.
72. Choose suitable footwear.
73. Post lists and pretend they're jokes.
74. Compliment other women.
75. Find your mates are good company for you.
76. Take it up the arse without moaning about it beforehand.
77. Open a jar.
78. Ask you to open a jar without then making a comment such as 'I loosened it for you'.
79. Keep track of something and not lose it.
80. Listen.
81. Make a right decision other than having sex with you.
82. Be the best.
83. Win five Olympic gold medals without steroids.
84. Interact with anyone they haven't known for at least a year.
85. Light farts.
86. Get this far without having argued with at least 1 of the above.
87. Drive.
88. Find a way out of a cellar.
89. Find your car keys.



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Jan 25, 2009
[QUOTE="TakinMyLyfeBack, post: 4158344]I can do a lot of those things, and I'm ALL woman....lol

I know you are ,all those boobs drawn on the naughty step wall are all of you.:teeth:


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May 8, 2004
[QUOTE="LilMissPurrfect, post: 4158416]And that is why we live atleast 10 years longer!! :huh:[/QUOTE]

We die 10 years earlier through choice



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Apr 3, 2006
DAM! I am with Kipper on this one!