Free JASC Animation Shop V311


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Apr 20, 2004
roadrunner65 said:
Just wanted to let ya know this is still available...
I just downloaded it a few minutes ago.
Thanks Wiremaster!
Thank you for letting us know it's still good. I hope it still needed by some others too.

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Nov 7, 2003
xxxlillybearxxx13 said:
So on here i can animate dolls & stuff???
I don't know much about the dolls but what they look like lol.
The Animation Shop is used by us to make the glitter,sparkles,and animations.
We use it mainly alongside the PSP9,you would need it to make your doll animations work too.


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Jul 13, 2004
Just a quick message to let you know that I tried this at the weekend and it is still working. Now i just need to learn how to use it all lol


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Apr 20, 2004
Angy said:
Just a quick message to let you know that I tried this at the weekend and it is still working. Now i just need to learn how to use it all lol
LOL thank you, i was just going to look to see if it still did work. I have seen a couple other links for it lately too


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Apr 20, 2004

Resetting PSP to default
Resetting PSP to default (deleting PSP's registry) can fix many problems within PSP, errors caused by a corrupt registry missing or greyed out tools and other irregularities.
The big draw back from resetting is the loss of custom settings you have made and having to redo the preferences. To delete and re-write PSP's registry (reset defaults) do the following:
Go to START/PROGRAMS/Jasc Software Inc/ PAINT SHOP PRO 7. Immediately after you click on the PAINT SHOP PRO 7 icon press and hold CTRL+ALT on your keyboard.
Paint Shop Pro will ask you if you would like to delete the registry settings for Paint Shop Pro. Select YES.
When Paint Shop Pro opens it will have all the restored features of initial installation.

Freeing space in the PSP Program Folder
When you applied the PSP Patch 7.02 , Version 7.02 created a backup of version 7 in a folder called Unpatch ( C:\Proa m Files\Jsc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 7\Unpatch folder)
The same would apply if you installed the 7.04 patch, a back up of 7.02 would have been created. If you have ran PSP patched versions with no problem then it is unnecessary to keep this folder on your hard drive.
You can copy it to a cd for safe keeping if you like and delete the Unpatch folder, reclaiming up to 62 mgb of disk space.

Freeing memory
Lower the "undo" storage for files
File/Preferences/General Program Preferences, hit the Undo tab and set the undo storage to 15 MB.
If you are working with large graphics and use the undo frequently you may need to set it to 40mgb.

Browser Caches
PSP creates a browser cache when using the browse function in PSP. This enables faster loading of graphics. However if graphics are moved around, stored elsewhere or deleted the browser cache remains the same size and can get very large taking up valuabl pac e It is advsable to delete them frequently to allow a build of a fresh cache in your files. To do this go to Find files and type in "jbf" without the quotation marks. You will see all the pspbrwse icons appear. Select them all and press delete on your keyboard. The next time you browse in PSP new caches will be built.

When PSP crashes or freezes for some reason and you haven't saved your work, you can lose everything,
Go to File > Preferences > Autosave settings.
This will open the Autosave Settings dialogue box, Tick the 'Enable Autosave' box. Set the time schedule you require, 5 minutes should be sufficient. Click OK. Autosave is now enabled and your work will automatically be saved to the temp file every 5 minutes. If PSP crashes you can re-open and your work will be loaded as before.

Save Worktop
When you save your workspace, you will be saving settings for your toolbar, palettes, asosetting s for your ruers and grids plus image information including image position in your workspace etc., so that you can return to your project at a later time.
Go To >File > Workspace > Save. The standard "Save as" dialogue box will appear. It will ask you for a file location you wish to save your workspace to. Workspace will be saved in a .wsp format, so you need to give it a name e.g.: project2.wsp.
Next time you open PSP go to File > Workspace > Load. The workspace will remember the locations of your graphics so it is important that you do not move them after saving the workspace.

Tools greyed out
The majority of tools will only function on a image with a colour depth of 16.7 million colours (24 bit). To restore your image to 24 bit, Go to Colours > Increase Colour Depth > 1 6 Million. Now all of your tools should be active except the tools that require a selection.

UsingFons in PSP< /FONT>
Havig too many fonts installed on your system can cause PSP to load slower, as it has to load all the fonts. PSP can use any font that is not installed. Open the font file you wish to use, by double clicking on the font icon, and minimize it on your desktop. That font will now show up in the font list in the 'Text' dialogue box.

Screen Shots
If you want to make a screen shot of your work or tools in PSP, or anywhere else on your computer. Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard, right click on your PSP workspace and "Paste as new image" you can then crop your screen shot down to size and use.

Previous File Formats
PSP, by default will want to save all your new images as .psp files, which can be annoying when working mostly with jpg's To avoid this, open the General Program Preferences, hit the Dialogues and Palettes Tab, check the box "Remember last type used in file save-as dialogu".
Floting tool bars/palettes
While working on a project particularly when lasooing an image, the tool palettes tend to get in the way. Just press the tab key on your keyboard to make them disappear and press the tab key once more to make them reappear.

Crop Tool
Make your selection on the graphic, and double click outside your selected area still on the graphic and your picture will crop automatically
Always use the crop tool and not the selection tool to "cut" an image for a clean outline. The selection too tends to leave and edge of white pixels (unless using for a seamless selection)

Sharpen Option
When making a graphic smaller, got to effects > sharpen once, this will bring back the clarity of the pixels that are lost when shrinking the graphic.

Applying Shadow
While the image that you are applying shadow to i surrunded by the s election go to Selections &t; Modify > Contract and contract by 1 pixel this will prevent a ragged white appearance around the graphic after shadow has been applied.

PSP Colour Palette
For those of you who like to have a range of colours and the hexadecimal value for stationery etc. Got to File > Program Preferences > Make sure the hexadecimal preference box is ticked and untick " use standard Windows colour picker". This will give you a slider bar choices on hues/sat/light and red/blue/green along with other useful information in the colour dialogue box. Which will enable you a far greater range in colours.

Colour Option Effect
This is a very little used option in PSP that enhances the colours of graphics.Effects > Enhance Photo > Automatic Colour Balance.
A nice little tool that allows you to make the colours look warmer or cooler.Likewise the op tion of Effects gt; Enhance Photo > Clarify enhances and clarifies the colours.
The effects that are under the tools of "Enhance Photo" are very useful effects and are not restricted to Photo's. Try them out on your graphics.


a.....Freehand Tool.
b.....Paint Brush.
c.....Toggle Color Palette
d.....Arrow Tool.
f.....Flood Fill.
g.....Zoom Tool.
h.....Toggle Histogram.
i.....Line Tool.
l.....Toggle Layer Palette.
m.....Magic Wand.
n.....Clone Brush.
o....Toggle Tool Options Box.
p.....Toggle Tool Bar.
r.....Crop Tool.
s..Selection Tool.
u.....Spray Can.
v.....Mover Tool.
x..... Add Text.
y.....Color Picker.
z.....Retouching Tool.
<.....Color Replacer.
>..... Picture Tubes.
/.....Shapes Tool.

Ctr + a.....Select All
Ctr + b.....Open Browser.
Ctr + i.....Image Information.
Ctr + m.....Mirror Image.

Sft + b.....Brightness.
Sft + c.....Minimize PSP.
Sft + d....Duplicate Image.
Sft + g.....Gamma Correction dialog box.
Sft + h.Hue, Saturation, Lightness dialog box.
Sft + l.....Colorize dialog box.

F12.....Save As dialog box.
Ctr + n.....New Image.
Ctr + o...Open File.
Ctr + r.....Rotate Image.
Ctr + s.....Save As.

Sft + m.....Shadow, Midtone, Highlight dialog box.
Sft + o.....Load Palette dialog box.
Sft + s.....Resize Image.
Sft + v.....Adjust R,G,B Settings.
Sft + w.....New Window.
Sft + z.....Posterize dialog box.

Command Keys
Brightness/Contrast =Shift+B
Browse =Ctrl+B
Colorize =Shift+C
Decrease to 256 =Shift+Ctrl+3
Edit mask =Ctrl+V
Flip =Ctrl+I
Hue/Sat/Light =Shift+H
Increase to 16 million =Shift+Ctrl+0
Invert selection =Ctrl+Shift+I
Mirror =Ctrl+M
Paste as new layer =Ctrl+L
Paste as selection =Ctrl+E
Redo =Ctrl+Alt+Z
Repeat last command =Ctrl+Y
Resize =Shift+S
Rotate =Ctrl+R
Save as new image =F12
Save copy as =Ctrl+F12
Select none =Ctrl+D
Toggle grid =Ctrl+Alt+G
Toggle rulers =Ctrl+Alt+R
View mask =Ctrl+Alt+V


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Apr 20, 2004
This is a full version of PSP FOR KIDS
I haven't tried it yet.
I did check THE DOWNLOAD and it does download from here. It is a Zip file.
If for some reason you cannot get it to download contact me and I'll email it to anyone that wants it


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Nov 7, 2003
[QUOTE="BountyHunter, post: 2045381]I'm new at this. Now that I have installed it, where do I go to find it?[/quote]

I should imagine it's at start..all programs..Animation Shop.
If you have PSP9 you can also start it from there under File.


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Dec 21, 2007
thanks for this wiremaster!!! im gonna install it now.. glad i caught it before the offer runs out *grin*


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Jun 11, 2008
Hi just wanted to let you know came to this thread via a link on google looking for free animation shop downloads. The link for the animation shop works still so does the psp9 link.

unfortunately when i downloaded the psp for kids it was an empty file but I am happy i got psp9 for free and animation shop so thank you so much for the links and glad 3 years later they still work - the wonders of the internet eh?


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Mar 25, 2005
[QUOTE="crhend, post: 2619364]Dear Sweet Arella: Here's the link, not sure if it's fully functional or just a trial version. :bigsmile:[/quote]

Oh Clark! Now I know I'm fried lol :blush:Thank you so much♥
I have a young lady that wants to learn lol but I have no clues on how to get this stuff to her any other way. Thanks again sweet Clark♥


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Mar 25, 2005
Both are still working today:thumbs-up
thank you so very much!