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Jan 23, 2004
[QUOTE="muchtrouble10, post: 5034797]I had the same problem but wasn't here enough to figure out it was from here. However, it seems to be gone again, so I thank you! The longer I have Windows 10, the more I am thinking of just giving up the computer. It seems I can't check things or correct anything that bothers me. I can't even find stuff I KNOW I have. (Did I ever tell you that I HATE change??? lol)[/QUOTE]

Mary Please stay with us I would miss you so much what will I do with out my Roo mom you have to look out for me lol...:iheartyou::hugs:


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Jan 3, 2005
Y'all are stuck with me for (hopefully) a long time. I was just saying I can't see me buying another computer. "Murphy's Law" is working well...I have risen to my level of incompetence and can't see me spending my money on a machine that I would probably find even more overwhelming. This machine is only a year SHOULD last quite a while.