Harry and Meghan

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Nov 7, 2003
Are they right to want to stand on their own two feet and step away from Royal duty?
Personally I don't blame them at all and respect their decision.
After what happened to his Mum I think part of it is Harry protecting his wife and family
They'd need deep pockets though as they still need very good security or they'd be seen as easy targets for terrorists or lone unstable members of the community


May 5, 2004
there's already a thread about it, I think it's in Funny pics, same title
you'll be able, and hopefully willing - to participate
it gives me GREAT joy to see you here, and I would LOVE to be ABLE to see more of you, giving me more joy
which I REALLY NEED, right NOW - and if you're ABLE and willing to help, and it will give me more joy, which is going to help ME heal faster, hopefully more WHOLE so I CAN BE who I AM more completely - faster! and will little no additional not needed stress
I love YOU, EVERY day! ♥