i am not a prude but ...


Mar 24, 2010
someone important to me received a joke today ... it was how to relieve stress, i think. anyway, at the end of it, there was a bunch of arrows and at the bottom, there was a bunch of nude females and i think a guy and ..... i think you get the gist.

while i'm not a prude, why does this someone feel he has to show me stuff like this? we've had many issues of "the male need to be visual" type of thing. he knows when he looks it makes me feel bad, it has me feelin like i don't measure up ... in bed or out. so when i saw this, it took alot of will power not to SCREAM! i do everything and more to make him feel great when we're in bed or out. we even looked at stuff together at one point tho it seems that's forgotten.

yeah, we have our share of arguments and disagreements but what relationship doesn't?

as stated, i'm not a prude, i am confident about what i do to and for him but...he still doesn't seem to understand what showing this stuff brings up in me..i can explain calmly again and again and again and still..........



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Jan 24, 2009
Sorry Whisper
I'm not so good with the telling others what is what department
I will say that tomorrow is a new day, and I hope things are better


May 5, 2004
it's never been an issue for me, hubby says my "girlie" collection beats anything his friends have :blush:
they're not real, I am
same goes for you, you are real, he can touch you, kiss you
and I look *too* and while I may not be as vocal as he is, I can't deny it either
why he wants to send them to you is beyond me, I get stuff in my emails and in my profile and I can't help but wonder why anyone would think I'd want to see
I just delete or ignore, perhaps that's the best thing for you to do as well :rose: