Insults (please add)

The Big Red One

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Jun 30, 2019
You know Sadie, you and I can trade insults until the cows come home, im going to be and adult, and understand that you will never see eye to eye with a True American Patriot, and just leave you be, after all insults mean nothing, folks who make up and put aside their differences are the true champions of the world, so you go ahead and enjoy your self. Im going to enjoy the folks that are more mellow, here are some flowers for you to enjoy with out moi'....1562587269768.pngFor your enjoyment, Mam'mm...


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Jan 7, 2009
Yo' Slobby Sadie, why are you quoting American movie stars? Don't you folks have actors too? Funny thing, you love to crap on Americans yet you worship our capitalist Hollywierd movie stars. Interesting, Hypicrital me thinks....:unsure::unsure:
Have you misunderstood this thread? The idea is to post witty or clever put-downs, not to direct unwarranted insults at previous posters.