It's Romford Lad's Birthday! ?

Romford Lad

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Mar 4, 2005
Thank you everyone for being so kind - it has been a bit of a nightmare - it's one thing to have a new computer, but a totally different thing to be able to use it, and also get stuff off the old one. Kipper has been a diamond, and I now have enough off the old to be able to use this one more like the old one [if all that makes any sense at all...LOL]

I really appreciate all your very kind comments - they are really appreciated I assure you - I'm just hoping now that I can begin to get back here with some regular visits, which I have to confess, have been few and far apart.

I hope you all are keeping well under the dreadful circumstances we now find ourselves living with - stay safe - but careful - and have a laugh [not always easy, but it does help....LOL]


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Mar 31, 2004
Happy very belated Birthday, Peter. I was afk in the brain during your birthday. I'm so happy that you have your new computer up and running like your old I have missed you.