Just another moment of my craziness


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Oct 18, 2003
kaaaaaay, there's no debate here for the debaters who came here to debate to debate :hehe::hehe: Actually, this is just one of my another nonsense debate thread that's not much of a debate to debate. Cuz me myself isn't much of a debaty person who loves to debate and by the way, my debating skills are very debate-lousy. Anyway, ae you sick of reading the word 'DEBATE' already? I sure am, so I guess I go into the debate topic here which is not much of a debate question that it leaves much doubt to the very existance of it debaty self...:laugh::hehe:

Topic: Talk about yourself and ask other people question.
Rulez: You have the right to remain silent. All that you say will be use as court evidence :huh2::tounge2::laugh: