Men and Women


May 5, 2004


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Jan 25, 2009
What females have to put up with......
Having to “scoop” the boobs back into bra
Being a woman isn't always make-up and big knickers.....IT'S.....
Pulling long hairs out of your arse crack after a shower.
When you have a bath and your vagina swallows a gallon of water.... you’re walking around 20 mins after drying and dressing and feel like you've pissed your knickers.
Shooty arse.
Shaving your fanny as smooth as a babies bottom & it’s so prickly the next day

Walking in front of your friend and saying “can you check me?” when you're not entirely sure if Mother Nature has come to say hello again for another week and she’s showing herself on your newly washed jeans.
Gucci eyebrow, Poundland eyebrow
Looking at Instagram perfect pictures and feeling like a fucking potato
Pulling a dry tampon out. That was the day Satan REALLY outdid himself
Ripping out a pube on a sanitary towel wing
That one small patch you miss while shaving
Vaginal ingrown hairs
The cum run
from the bedroom to the bathroom!!
Taking your bra off and literally walking around the house with a red-bra outline around ya tits from the wire!
Thinking you’ve stopped bleeding so wearing nice underwear/clothes and then BOOM, bloody river
Finding the right “Jeans and nice top” to go out that is fucking hard lol
Itchy period nipples!
Birth control . Everything and anything about birth control . It’s pure hell
When you get random flutters/twitches in your belly and freak that you might be pregnant
Fanny daggers
When you roll over and your boob gets stuck underneath you !
Sneezing out half of your tampon
The sting of going for wee after childbirth.
That little fart bubble that happens sometimes and it goes up your vag instead of out
When they’ve got you in that fucking angle during doggy and the air just builds up in your fanny and all you wanna do is push out
Having to hold your titties when you run up the stairs without a bra on
At night just randomly putting your hand down your underwear and spreading your flaps just because it’s kinda comfy
Having to “scoop” the boobs back into your bra when they’re un comfy
Having to have smears although it don’t hurt it’s just another worry for a women to have
The pure headache from having ur hair up in a ponytail all day and the relief of taking it out and giving our self a head rub at the back where the hairband was.
Sneezing when on your period.........
Getting that shaving rash 2 days after shaving and it kills against any underwear and you have to look like you haven't got crabs when all you wanna do is itch it.
The list goes on.....