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May 5, 2004
my grandson's graduation:

he's showing off the chains he got from his parents for graduation



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Dec 22, 2003
his Meemaw and Peepaw

Awesome pic Congratulations on graduating it’ll be one you never forget 🌟
my grandsons is next year off to Georgia we go 💞
Peepaw has been working out eh lol 🤗

my 2 rose bushes are doin' alright View attachment 101068

they are Beautiful add a little Oscamoto fertilizer in the fall they’ll have fuller tighter blooms
but They are Gorgeous 🌹

this one's for @Manzy
the left one hurts, the right one is comfy but a bit foggy

they don’t look comfy I saw a guy with a full clear helmet on I almost asked to take a pic lol
masks are misleading it’s 50/50 where I live some do, some don’t, some have to

this cluster has fascinated me since the day I found it
6 tomatoes in there!

this may be old stuff to most of ya'll, but this is the first time I've ever tried to grow something! lol
these are awesome and going to taste so good they are beefstake, keep doing what your doing it’s working

my nephew had a giant birthday sign in his yard and the kids graduating drive by in cars
and honk and holler’ ~ Congrats to Joel #4 I think lol 🎉🎉🎉


May 5, 2004
yes, Joel #4 - we call him Sebastian, to separate him from the other 3, but he insisted on using Joel in high school
I couldn't have been more thrilled! lol
that's cool, drive by graduations! lol 1sm088doubleup.gif

I've got that fertilizer written down, thank you!

and that mask on the right is comfy, it's got a sponge pad for across the forehead, and it's really flexible so it curves around the face
I like it, but I'm not a hat person, and it feels a lot like wearing a hat

the face shields are better than the masks, for one thing, they let you breathe lol and they protect the eyes
one of the most vulnerable areas at risk for covid entry into the body is the eyes, that's why they say "don't touch your face"
but they don't tell us to guard our eyes!