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Dec 22, 2003
first, the great grandson's b-day party in Oklahoma ~ here's the star of the show lol

your family resemblance is uncanny you see it from your kids to your grandkids to your great grand kids ♥
and then on to the farm, they've got it goin' on out there!

Whose doggie? It looks like Sierra an english cream golden retriever 🐾
prplflwr and 2 of her kids lol

to the left of prplflwr is the goat nursery
your daughter is the official Dr Doolittle lol 😍
this is one of 2 plants right out her kitchen window

azelea maybe?
and this is the other ~ easy to see why she gets hummingbirds

trumpet vine I believe it’s beautiful
and this red stuff is in all the wild brush all around the farm that hasn't been cut back

wild hibiscus?? 🌺
now a couple of odds and ends ~ didn't turn out very well, but it's a pic of the last puzzle I did for @Manzy

awesome looks challenging I love it

the neighbors down the road from us have goats, I love goats especially when they eat all the evasive weeds ~ the mean one well there’s always one lol

thanks for sharing ~ do you happen to have the 4 generation picture?
also I’m glad you and Riley reconnected it’s a nice feeling ♥


May 5, 2004
they're all farm dogs, but they go through so many, it's hard to keep up
one got bit by a snake while I was there, didn't seem any worse for the wear though!

there's more to goats than one would think, they're a lot of work, feeding them is a complex issue, as they'll make themselves sick, and the vet bills are expensive!
and they like to mate, and they like to masturbate lol

no, I didn't think about getting those pics, my granddaughter left with Carson shortly after I got there
and it didn't occur to me about there being 4 generations, my grandson pointed it out right before I left lol

thank you all! sendinglove.gif