screwed up.....


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Oct 4, 2003
My life is so screwed up rite now...I just moved out of my house (spur of the moment as usual)when noone was home. I didnt leave a note or anything but my signifigant other pretty much knows where I am ....well he will when he gets home and finds out im gone.Me and him have been haveing some problems lately...alot of problems such as him never being home and when he is hes sleeping not to mention roomate problems (sound familiar).I went to live with a friend whom im not all that sure hes real peachy-keen on me being here. My ex whom i had been talking to just as friends somehow convinced me to move out.I had been thinking about moveing out already but I think that extra little push from my ex was exactly what i DIDNOT need. I always put myself in the most screwed up positions...I am so pissed off!!!Now im haveing to be stuck dealing with looking for a job and moveing out..aka getting back out on my own again..I was just starting to get my life back together and of coarse i fuck it up somehow or another....well..thanx for letting me vent!!!Abit of advice..dont listen to your ex b/f when he tells you with good reason to move out unless you are sure in your own mind about moveing out.......everything is shit!!!


Oct 1, 2003
Sorry t hear your troubles Saphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhron, why do you think your friend who you went to live with doesn't want you there? (if I may ask). Are the problems with your significant other beyond the point of working out? Your ex probably talked you into it so he thought you'd go running to him for a place to stay (which I wouldn't advise unless you still have feelings for him which doesn't sound like to me that you do). I'm a good ventee if you want to email me (or pm) and tell me whatever you want to about the situaitions past or present I'll try and help