The Challenges


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Oct 23, 2004
here's the snowman and snowball lol



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Dec 22, 2003
when I made this snowlady tag last night, I wanted to be able to use the falling snow
you can't change frame speeds, because the snow wouldn't work right, same with glitter, it won't work right
changing frame speeds works really well for blinking, you can make some slower, some faster
but I wanted the falling snow this time

you can increase the time between blinks by making duplicate frames of the non-blinking frame
in this animation, I needed 13 copies to make it blink when I wanted it to
I just keep adding a copy until I like the result
I also made 2 extra frames of the half blink, to slow it down
and there's 2 of the complete blink

then I added the snow - take notice of how many frames are in the snow/whatever, because you'll need to end up with that many
if the snow is only 10 frames, you either need to stop at 10, or make snow 20 frames
you do this by selecting all frames, hitting the copy key, then select the last frame of snow, and paste *after*

open this up in AS, and you'll be able to see what I mean, it's 20 frames

AWESOME and thank you now to execute it lol

but it will have to wait it’s Football weekend ?