THE COLORS IN MY WORLD (each day i will add a new one)

The Big Red One

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Jun 30, 2019
Now Squirt, what do you call those groovie colors you have there in that image? Simple, Light refraction, I miss my science refractor....:emoji_nerd:


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Dec 27, 2005
tonight as i try to slow my mind i take a deep breath and exhale slowly...i see the frames flashing by as on a film
i feel a strong wind on my face and the clouds hide the moon...there is a mist surrounding me so thick i can
cut it with a knife..with the wolf at my side he begins to snarl at something or someone through the fog..i settle back on the fallen
log i had been sitting on well aware if the intruder who has invaded the serenity of my world..keeping a watchful eye
while the wolf stands guard so i can get some sleep