THE COLORS IN MY WORLD (each day i will add a new one)


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Jan 23, 2004

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Dec 27, 2005
I haven’t been in here in a long time so when I clicked your name in latest post it for some reason took me 3 pages back to the post about your neighbor.. I hope all turns out well I honestly think some of my dearest friends in life started off as neighbors. Then of course in the same post was your chicken soup again, that chicken you roasted that day sure gets around lol it’s had me licking my chops every time I make chicken now haha! For some reason chicken cooked at your place with snow outside just sounds scrumptious ♥ anywho I got to skim through your thread and see all the awesome pics too.. Have a great day my Melk friend

that is the new property mananger/neighbor...i have been taking meals over to her to make sure she eats
anyone entering her place needs to wear a surgical mask to protect her from any germs right now

we both are running out of patience with that problem child below me..its to the point now the cops just take reports
when we call them unless its a domestic then they show up