THE COLORS IN MY WORLD (each day i will add a new one)


May 5, 2004



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Dec 27, 2005
this has more meaning today than it did when i first wrote it years ago..i now understand what the vision was telling me
so i reposted it from 2006

as the day comes to a close ..i search my mind for a color that will allow me to thoughts racing and my minds eye looks inward...the scene opens with my sitting in a train station...i hear the rain bouncing off the pavement...i seem to be alone except for the ticket seller...who sits behind his cage reading his newspaper...the train pulls in and i board it....all the seats are vacant...i am the only one on this train..where i am headed...i have no clue....i look at my ticket and all it reads is paid in destination or even the train number...there is an unusual calm about me as i look out the window to see if i see anything familiar...all i see is did i get from pavement to wilderness i have no idea...things seem to be happening in a hurry...will i be able to slow this train down..will i reach a destination familiar to me or will i be lead to a place i have never been...the train slows and i see a station coming up...when the train stops an elderly man gets on...he sits beside me...with all the vacant seats why does he choose to sit beside me i question myself...he looks into my eyes as if reading my soul without saying a word...what does this mean...who is this elderly gentle man...too many questions without answers...the sound of the trains wheels rumbling along on the tracks is all i hear...another station appears and the train slowly comes to a stop...another elderly gentleman boards and he sits across from there are all these empty seats...why are they sitting with me...what do the y want with me...the strange thing is i have only a feeling of calm and a sense of security around is so strange...then the two men each put a briefcase in their laps and open them simultaneously...the gentleman beside me...his briefcase is empty...the man across from me...he has many papers...he hands me the papers and i begin to read...the words on these papers are of a life i have tried to leave behind...i then realize that no matter how hard i try...these words will follow me no matter how hard i try to forget them...the man sitting beside me smiles as i have now become quite concerned of where this train will lead me...what kind of a train is this the long black train that i have heard of in a song...or is this the freight train that will carry my body home to my family so they can lay me to rest...only time will tell...

again as i try to slow my mind the picture of this train ride once more appears..i have those papers in my hands and a single tear rolls down my cheek as i finish reading what i already know...i look into the eyes of the man sitting across from me...they are black and those of a great white i go to hand him back the book of my life...the gentleman sitting beside me takes them from me...i look into his eyes and i see such a light in that of the brightest full of life and warmth...he takes the papers ...looks at me and says..paid in full...and the papers vanish...i am amazed at what just happened and i ask him...where did they go?...there is no reply other than holding out his hands to me...palms up...where there are two puncture wounds...and my name carved in them...the train comes to a's here that i notice that we are the only two on this train...where did the other man go?..he seems to have vanished with the papers...i turn and now i am alone on this train and the conductor says this is where i get off...totally confused i look out the window and i see my home...i leave the train and wake up in my own bed...well rested from a nights sleep