The Naked Truth/ 1-3 sample chapters


Nov 24, 2003
Chapter One

Melody Veil walked down the worn path, slowly admiring the view.
The grass around her was blue and green. The tree branches was light brown with bright yellow leaves that rustled with the wind.
She smiled, in no rush to get to the Vulgar Dragon's Inn.
Zeal didn't mention that she had to get there quickly, only to get there as soon as she can.
She smiled, watching people emerge from their stone houses to dry their wet clothes.
Even the simpler villagers emerged from their wooden houses up in the trees, getting on with their chores.
She wondered how often the tree house residents would have to repair their rope ladder. The ropes looked frayed and worn.
At least they would have a pleasant view of the stoney houses with smoke rising from their chimneys, Melody thought proudly.
She smiled, thinking back to the stony house that was waited for her, and the row of pink and red roses in front of it.
Finally, she saw the tavern. It was dank and small, with a thin rug outside the entrance to welcome the arriving customers.
As she neared the building, she could smell the odor of beer and stale drinks that had been left in a barrel beside the building.
Holding her breath, she walked in. She looked around in disgust, clutching at her black robes in hope that Zeal had forgotten about their
important meeting.
"We're over here," Zeal called out.
Melody looked to where the voice had come from. Groaning, she noticed him sitting in a dark corner at the far end of the Inn.
She narrowed her eyes, grimacing. Zeal was not sitting alone.
As she walked toward them, she could see Zeal was wearing his usual dark blue robes, decorated with glistening, silver and gold stars.
Melody pulled off her hood, revieling her long blonde hair.
"Glad you finally decided to turn up," a man grumbled, his face hidden beneath the hood of his dark brown robe.
Melody glared at him with her icy blue eyes, "I'm here, aren't I? Who are you to scowl at me about how long it takes me to arrive?"
Zeal sighed, "Melody, this is Bane Rainsinner. He is going to be joining our meeting."
Melody frowned, looking at the stranger in disgust. "Why? I am perfectly capable of working alone."
Zeal shook his head. "Not this time, this mission is two big. He is going to keep you out of trouble."
"Well, I will try to," Bane grinned, winking at her.
Zeal rolled his eyes, waiting for his companions to listen to him.
"So, what's so urgent?" Melody asked.

Zeal straightened his back. "The three fragments of truth," he replied seriously.
Bane raised an eye brow. "The three fragments of truth? Why is that so urgent?"
"It is urgent because if it falls into the wrong hands. The truth could be turned against people and start a war."
Melody fell silent, listening to the old man talk, sipping noisily at her cider.
"So where would we find the fragments?" Bane asked, ignoring Melody's slurping.
"You will need to go across the river to get to the Empire of the Springs."
Melody choked, coughing violently. "Are you serious? Outsiders aren't allowed to visit- they'd have us hung!"
Zeal nodded, "That's why I am asking for three of you to go, instead of just one of you."
Bane laughed, "Are you senile, old man? There are only two of us."
Zeal glared at him, "Three of you are going to the Springs. Yourself, Melody and Squall Ironlord."
"Who in the name of the spirits is Squall?" Melody demanded with a scowl.
"Yeah," Bane growled, "he sounds like a parrot."
"Squall is going to meet you both in the morning, before you leave," Zeal told them firmly.
Bane sighed reluctantly, "All right," he agreed "but Squalk better not cause us any trouble- like getting himself or us killed."
"I assure you," Zeal declared "Squall will be on his best behaviour."
"He better be," Bane muttered, scratching his stubled cheek. He raised half a glass of cider to his dry lips. His robe sleeve rose up his arm, reveiling his bulky muscles.
Melody looked at him, her mouth hung open, dropping her glass. 'Wow, you could lift me with those any day,' she thought silently.
Bane glared at her, "Watch where you are spilling your drink."

Melody tore her eyes away from his muscular arms, blushing whilst she replaced her glass on to the table.
She looked around the room, avoiding his stubbled face. Through the dimly lit room, she could see the tables were nothing more than up-side-down barrels.
The seats were made from the smaller barrels, neatly lined up around the bigger barrels around the room.
"Are you coming?" Bane demanded.
Melody blinked, realising that the meeting was over and why she immediately disliked Bane.
His attitude was not to be admired.

Melody followed Bane over to the other side of the room, and out of the exit.
"If we're to travel, then we will need to buy some bread, veg and some water," Bane listed.
Melody ignored him, already walking towards the vegtable stand.
She eyed the vegtables, looking intensely at the cabbage and tomotoes and carrots.
She smiled, picking the carrots from the shelves and thrust them in to a bag. Smiling politely, she handed the shop assistant some money.
She walked around the town square, picking up some garlic bread and some water from the local well.
"I will meet you back at the tavern," Melody instructed to Bane.

She looked above her, the clouds had darkened the sky.
There was a flash of light. Thunder roared. Then it began to rain heavily upon them.
Melody squealed, running back to the tavern, hurrying for shelter.
As she re-entered the dank Inn, she ordered herself some cider and gazed out of the window.
She drained her glass in silence, then made her way over to the stairs.
With one final look behind her, she climbed the stairwell and went into a room that Zeal had pre-ordered for them.
"Thanks Zeal," she muttered, then closed the creaking wooden door.

Chapter Two

Melody laid in her bed, trying to block out the noises that surrounded her.
The water dripped from the sink on the other side of the room.
The floor creaked and groaned as other residents walked across the floorboards to their own rooms.
She could hear the tree branches tapping against her window, swaying from the wind.
She closed her eyes tight, gritting her teeth.
Melody pressed the pillows tightly to her ears. She sighed reluctantly, and sat up in her bed, wishing for the noises to fall silent.
As the time dragged on, her eyes began to ache and feel heavy.
Her thoughts began to drift, her eyes began to close and she drifted off to sleep.

Melody woke with a groan, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.
There was a sound of a fist banging on the thin door.
"Who is it?" Melody called out, grabbing her rucksack from beside the locked door.
"Who do you think?" A man bellowed.
Melody sighed reluctantly, "All right Bane, I will be right out."
She looked around the small room. The walls were painted in red and black stripes.
A small window was covered with a red curtain, made from an old bed sheet.

Melody opened the bedroom door and stepped into the dimly lit hallway.
Bane was standing by the stairs, leaning against the chalky wall.
"Let's go and meet our new travelling assistant," she said with a yawn.
"Squalk might not even turn up," Bane grumbled, folding his arms defensively across his chest.
Melody rolled her eyes. She listened to the floorboards creak as she walked down the hallway towards the stairs.
The stairs looked dusty and old. She carefully held on to the walls, walking down the spiral stairwell.
Half way down, Melody stopped. A young man was sitting on the bottom stair, blocking their path.
She took another step, waiting for the young man to remove himself from the dusty step.
The man stared into the distance, unaware of Melody standing behind him.
"Excuse me," Melody growled "We can't seem to get through."
Slowly, the young man looked up at her and began to grin.
"Well, it's about time you arrived. I was beginning to think you wasn't coming," Squall snapped.
"Oh great," Melody cursed silently "another jerk to pull my chains."
Squall glared at her, climbing to his feet. Her eyes widened, watching as he towered above her.
"Well," she said, clearing her throat "just don't fall behind."
Squall looked pass her, eyeing up Bane.
"You must be Bane Rainsinner, I am Squall," he introduced.
Bane yawned, "I know who you are. As long as you don't fall too far behind, we won't have any problems. Ok Squalk?"
Squall frowned, "It's pronounced as Squall."
Bane watched as Squall shrank back under his glare. "Ok, Squalk it is then," he muttered.
Melody looked at Bane, giving him a small thankful smile.
Melody waited for Squall to walk ahead, dragging his feet on the way out of the tavern.
"Thank you, Bane," Melody whispered.
Bane nodded silently, "I only give you a hard time to pull your chains. He is just plain rude."
Melody nodded, walking close beside her companion. Bane growled, glaring at the man ahead of him.
"He may be a head taller than you, but I am twice his built."
He looked up at the sky above him with a sigh. It was barely past dawn yet the morning's air was hot and humid.
Squall paused and turned to face his reluctant companions, "Where are we going anyway?"
Bane raised an eyebrow, suprised that Zeal hadn't told him where the fragments location was.
"We are going to the Empire of the Springs," he reported.
Squall gaped, the blood drained from his face. "The Springs? We can't go there- it's sucide!"
Melody took a step forward, her voice was suprisingly cold even to her own ears.
"It would be sucide if we were going alone, but we are not. If we stick together and try not to draw attention to ourselves, then we have a small chance of
collecting the fragments and leave before they notice that we're there."
"Do you really think that it will be that easy? That place is huge, someone is bound to notice that we're outsiders!" Squall demanded.
Melody rolled her eyes, "You know what, if you are really that scared of a little adventure, then by all means turn back and go home."
Squall forced out a weak laugh, "I'm not scared, I am just not willing to die."
Bane stood beside Melody, resting a hand on her tense shoulder. "Melody is right. If you are not up to it then go home. I am sure that Melody and I can take care of ourselves."
Squall nodded, turning around to walk back to the tavern. "Before you go," Bane added smugly "what do you plan to tell Zeal?"
Squall sighed, "I am going to tell him that if he told me where we were heading, I never would have agreed to accompany you."
Bane shrugged, looking at Melody for a moment. "Ok. Well, you better be on your way then."
Without saying another word, Melody and Bane began to walk away.
"Wait!" Squall shouted, "I can at least walk some of the way with you. Zeal wouldn't be very happy if I had let you two get killed before you get there."
Melody grinned at Bane, proudly. Bane winked at her, smiling smugly.
They walked slowly towards the south as they had been instructed. Melody smiled, happily observing the blue and green feilds of grass, with purple and pink flowers scattered across the hills.
The birds continued to sing, and the sun continued to move across the sky. Feeling the full wrath of the summer season, Bane and Melody slowed to a stop.
There was a tree nearby, casting a shadow on the bottom of the steep hill. As they sat down on the cool shady grass, Bane and Melody dug through their bags to retrieve their water and something to eat as a snack. Grinning, Melody pulled out a carrot stick and a green apple. Bane pulled out some garlic bread and a banana, and then began to peel away the yellow skin.
Squall rolled his eyes, but grateful for the rest. He dug through his own bag, covered with black and white stripes. He clawed through his possesions before he pulled out a buscuit and a chocolate cake. Melody stared at the cake, thinking silently to herself. She bit into her carrot, satisfied with hearing the crunch.
She took a mouthful of her water, her thoughts turned to their quest. She sighed, "Do we even know where to look when we get to the Springs?"
Bane shook his head, swallowing his bread. "I was thinking about that myself. Maybe we can start with the local town when we arrive."
Squall laughed bitterly, "Yeah, good luck with that. You're likely to be killed as soon as you walk into the Springs. The boarder is watched closely by the villagers."
Bane thought for a moment, "That could be a problem. We'll simply just tell them that we have no intention of staying and are only passing through."
Squall sighed, "I suppose that could work. You'll need a damn good reason for passing through though."
Melody raised an eyebrow. "Well, I have an idea or two about that."
"Go on," Bane said, encouraging her.
"Why not just tell them that we're newly married and looking to have a honeymoon and need to pass through. Or, we could just say we have a dying relative who has asked to see us before she dies."
"Who would we say is dying?" Bane asked.
Melody shrugged, "How about my aunt. I don't have one, they are all ready dead."
Bane sighed, "Hmm... I think that being a newly wed is more believeable."
Melody smiled, "Right then, so if anyone asks, we are passing through for our honeymoon."
"Agreed," Bane confirmed.
Squall stared at his companions in horror, "This won't work, you'll see."
Melody laughed.
Bane glared at him, "We have no choice. We have to get the fragments."

Chapter Three

Bane and Melody placed their food back in their bags and continued on their journey.
"I'm telling you that you're plan is not going to work," Squall insisted.
Melody shrugged, "Why are you so concerned about if our plan works or not? You won't be there. You have all ready told us that you're only going as far as a few hours before entering the Springs."
Squall sighed, "I guess I am going to have to join you after all. Without my help, you're apparently as good as dead."
Melody turned to Bane, looking disappointed. "You changed you're mind then?" she asked Squall.
She then turned to Bane, "What was wrong with my plan? I thought it was a good idea."
Bane shook his head, glaring at Squall. "There was nothing wrong with the plan. But now there is. We can't say that we're on a honeymoon with Squalk tagging along."
Squall rolled his eyes, "It wouldn't have worked anyway."
Melody grit her teeth, and lunged for him. She pushed him to the ground, grabbing hold of his robes. "Then tell me, what would work? You think you're so much better than us, lets hear you're plan!"
Squall swallowed hard, "I... I don't have a plan yet." He glared at Melody, watching Bane pull her away. "Once I do come up with a plan, it will work better than the one you came up with."
"What is your problem, you are always so arrogant. You instantly think that you are better than us," Melody growled.
Squall laughed, straightening his back. "No, I don't think I'm better than both of you. I know I am better than only you. I have nothing against Bane."
Melody grit her teeth, lunging at him again. Bane held on to Melody tight, squirming to break free from his stong grip. His arms wrapped tightly around her waist.
"You wait until I get my hands on you. I am going to strangle the life out of you!"
"Calm down, Melody," Bane muttered.
"Calm down? His opinion of women is a disgrace!" She raged.
Melody squrimed out of Bane's grasp and walked away, grumbling to herself.
Melody paused, staring at the bushes that appeared to be moving. The leaves rustled.
A man jumped out. Melody screamed.
He was wearing a black robe. His hair was red and stringy.
"What do you know about the fragments of truth?!" he yelled angrily.
Melody shook, "I don't know what you are talking about!"
"Don't lie to me.I just heard you talking about it to your friends!"
"I think you must be hearing things." she said, slightly shocked.
"Don't play dumb with me, you fool!"
Melody laughed weakly, "You think I am a fool, you think I would just tell you what you want to know? Guess again."
The man stepped closer, revealing a scar going across his left eye.
"Oh, you will tell me. I will make sure of it."
He rushed at her, throwing her over his shoulder and carried her away.
"Put me down!" she growled, thumping him on the back.
"No! You're coming with me!"
Melody rolled her eyes, obviously left with no choice in the matter.
As they rushed into the shadows, Melody could hear Bane calling for her.
With all her might, she screamed as loud as she could. The man placed some tape over her mouth, unable to continue screaming, she was carried away unheard.

Bane looked around, wondering where Melody could have got to.
He heard a scream. He strained his eyes, struggling to see through the darkness.
"Squalk, did you see which way she went?"
Squall shook his head, draining his water from a small flask.
"Just as well, I should have known you wouldn't pay any attention."
Squall shrugged his shoulders. "I thought she said she can take care of herself."
Bane grabbed hold of Squall's colar, pulling him close. "We have to go after her!"
Squall shoved him away, "There's no point. She is probably already dead."
Bane punched him in the face, "Don't you ever say that. Got it, Squalk?"
Squall sighed and shrugged again. "Whatever. You go and save her then whilst I look for the fragments?"
Bane raised an eye brow. "No. We'll save Melody, then look for the fragments."
Squall sighed heavily before nodding reluctantly.
They packed up their belongings and began to look for where Melody was taken from.
A few minutes later, Bane noticed some footprints. "Let's follow these footprints, then we can rescue Melody; wherever she is."

Bane begun to follow the path the prints had lead them.
Eventually the path began to fade with the day light. The sun was setting and it was getting dark rapidly.
"We will have to continue looking for her in the morning," Bane muttered, frowning up at the night sky.
The men set up their camp site and began to get ready to get some sleep.
As Bane laid rhere, his face glowed from the fire light.
The flames danced in the cold breeze.

Melody grunted as the man finally threw her on to the ground.
She looked around in silence, surrounded by trees of all sizes. He clawed through his bag, pulling out a flask of water and some bread.
Melody sighed reluctantly as she did the same. She thought for a moment, wondering if she could get close enough to knock him unconsious so that she could escape.
"Who are you? Where are we going?" Melody demanded.
The man glared at her, wiping his mouth across his robe sleeve.
"I am Malgar Blaze. I am taking you to the Empire of the Springs. I am sure that my friends would like to ask you lots of questions. If I were you, I would be very eager to talk."
Melody stepped back, "Why do you want to know about the fragments of truth so much? Why are you trying to make sense of meaning rambles?"
Malgar laughed, running his hands through his bright red hair. "The fragments of truth is worth a lot of money, of course. If I got hold of it, I could sell it to the Lord Croydon himself. I would be rich."
Melody frowned, "Who an earth is Lord Croydon? What would he want with the fragments, assuming that they exist at all?"
Malgar grinned, revealing his crooked yellow teeth. "They definately exist. Lord Croydon Malice has already found the first fragment."
Melody's eyes widened, "You're lying. You haven't even heard of it until my friends and I mentioned it."
Malgar snired at her, slamming the back of his hand across her face. Melody yelped, falling backwards on to the ground.
"The first fragment is already in the hands of Lord Croydon," he repeated firmly "It is very small and it is red. It looked as though it sparkled like the stars."
Melody sat back, wondering how she was to retrieve it.
She watched as the moon shone brightly through the pink clouds that seemed to follow them.
Melody sighed, looking around, waiting for Malgar to fall asleep.
An owl flew over and landed on a tree branch above them.
Melody looked up at the barn owl. She smiled, the owl hooted in the night, watching over her like an angel.

Squall threw some more wood into the fire, sniring behind Bane who sat quietly.
He remained silent, wondering how worried Bane really was. Once the fire had enough wood for half the night, he took another look at Bane.
Bane was sitting crossed legged, facing the fire with his eyes closed. "I never considered you to be the type to meditate," Squall muttered, amused by the thought.
Bane sat motionless, as though he hadn't heard a word.
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Nov 24, 2003
I hope that you like it.
These are just the sample chapters. Once it is finished, I am planning to send it
off for publishing.


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it's very good! it's got a few spelling and grammar errors, but the story is excellent!

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I am glad you like it.
Once it has been published, would you buy the book?
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[QUOTE="100%Bitch, post: 3457160]I am glad you like it.
Once it has been published, would you buy the book?
I am planning to be able to have it sold world wide. :)

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