THINGS THAT SOUND DIRTY....but aren't! (Snowfall Edition)


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May 16, 2004
got over nine inches last night.

- Man, that white stuff is covering everything. I can barely see my
own car!

- I love when it lands on my tongue.

- Go on. Lick that pole. I dare ya.

- I got so wet playing with it.

- Don't rub that in your sister's face!

- Dammit! You got it all over my new pants.

- It's even soaked through my shoes.

- This isn't the soft, fluffy kind. It's hard, wet and you can pack
it down.

- Once it gets all dirty and mushy, I get sick just looking at it.

- Sometimes when I get hot, I rub some down my neck.

- My children love rolling in it, but I make them wear gloves so
they don't catch anything.

- It's so deep now, you can tunnel through it.

- Don't yell too loudly. It'll all come down and cover you. We'll
have to call in some dogs.

- Don't put your tongue on it or it'll get stuck. You want your Mom
to see you like that?



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Jan 24, 2009
Over a 1,000 people went down on me...I wasn't a maiden for long...A big hard thing ripped me open

The titanic