Top ten reasons to reject Syrian refugees from US


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Jun 27, 2014
Top ten reasons Syrian refugees should not be allowed in the USA

10: They may have too difficult a time accepting the way things are here.

9: When they bring their "families", there are no females.

8: Even if they did bring their females, we have laws forbidding the wearing of masks.

7: Americans love foods such as Bacon and pork chops.

6: Our welfare system cannot handle that many new enrollees.

5: We already have too many people calling and asking us for money.

4: The government already its hands full monitoring Americans suspected of being involved with terrorism.

3: American laws currently forbid the hunting of humanoids, and our rednecks may become over-stressed.

2: College campus and movie theater shooters do not like the competition.

1: When our soldiers come home, their jobs will be gone ... because the places got blown up.