What do you really think of Britney Spears?


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Oct 1, 2003
As I read through recipes of stories, I came upon a commentory of what a 17-year old really thinks of Britney Spears..You have heard of her..now read what a youngster really thinks..you may or may not agree...

What is it about this girl? What takes a seventeen-year-old kid, and turns her into an international teen phenomenon overnight? I, like many others who have yet to be taken in by the wonder that is Britney, have my own theories.

Before I had ever really explored her musical stylings, I naively assumed that her chart-topping hits and worldwide popularity must be due to astounding and undeniable talent. It was probably oozing out of her oh-so-clear pores! Then I took the time to listen. After a deathly fifteen minutes of scrutinizing a few of her most popular numbers, I began frantically searching the CD jacket for the inevitable warning: “The elderly, small children, pregnant women, and those with a history of vomiting and taste in music should not listen to this album.” It was nowhere to be found. Appalled, I am in the process of launching a class action lawsuit due to this grave oversight on the part of Britney’s people.

Still, I knew deep down that there must be some reason for Britneymania that went past her synthetic, studio-produced vocals. So, I watched the videos and narrowed down the remaining possibilities to her bleached platinum-blond locks (usually enhanced by either extensions or wigs), the lethal amounts of makeup which brighten her baby face, her mechanical choreography, her tanning bed induced “glow”, the infamous breast implants, and, of course, her beloved naval. While I still think that the naval theory is entirely plausible and worth exploring further, I was, and truthfully still am, bewildered.

When other teenage singing sensations entered the limelight, I could figure out the appeal. Take Nashville’s sweetheart, LeAnn Rimes, for example. Her first nationally televised singing engagement was at the ripe old age of five on “Star Search”, before moving on to wow the Grand Ole Opry and take the music industry by storm. She had paid her dues, and let’s not forget that while she may not be a typical Hollywood-made beauty queen, the fact of the matter is - the girl can sing. Brandy is another star with staying power. She sings, she acts, and she is just about the sweetest girl in the world. It makes sense that pre-teen America should make her one of its idols. Even the eighties favorite boy band, The New Kids on the Block, touted the amazing vocal talent of harmony from time to time.

So why Britney Spears? Honestly, even after my research and aforementioned musings, I cannot fathom why we as a society have gone gaga over the completely fake, over-done, Hollywood-packaged and media-hyped sensation. Are we not still a nation of freethinking, decent, tasteful human beings? I once thought so. I may never understand the intense fascination aroused by this girl, and once her fifteen minutes of fame are up because her tan has faded and her implants have leaked, I am sure that I will never think of Britney again. For the moment, all I have to say to Miss Spears is this: Thank you. Thank you for once again affirming the truth that anything can happen in America. For showing us that the American dream does, in fact, come true in spite of all obstacles - like talent. Thank you for irrefutably showing us that appearance is everything in this country. Thank you for giving the media-hypnotized youth of America and idol, however fake. And most of all, dear Britney, thank you for the music that fills the Top 40 every week. Thank you for the songs that make even cynics like me turn up the radio, tap our toes, shake our heads, and sarcastically mutter, “Now that’s music!”

Duh White Boi

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Dec 28, 2003
Britney Sux she only got a contract cuz she is a sex symbol like prince girls wanna look like her guys wanna hump her legs off personally i dont think shes all that great she sings ok i wanna hear the sonbg on her new cd with the ying yang twinz cause rap with pop especially britney spears has to be interesting

essex boy

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Nov 7, 2003

Hey,White Boi,I just read your post,
You say that that little shrimp Prince is a sex symbal
HaHaHa LMAO,and I thought the yankee women had taste


Dec 8, 2003
well good post.... i really have no opinion of her but then being female i guess i never looked that close at her... other then to see she looks "WAY OVERDONE" so go guys go!!! lol


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Oct 3, 2003
She is just another formulation of stardon, doing what she can to keep the limelight on her....which includes having Madonna help her, in amost distasteful way.

She is trying to keep on keeping on. Once stars get a taste of their power and prestige.....they spiral into anything to keep themselves there.

Sadly, she is pushed into it, and it is now apart of her.

ppl envy her, and critique her, as here we do now....but she will do what she will do, and I feel, she will keep pushing the envelope to stay where she wants to be.

Thats stardom for ya. :p