What to get for someone whom has everything


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Jun 27, 2014
It's time for Christmas shopping. The discussion came to "what to get for my brother", whom can get anything he wants. Being someone that collects stuff I can make things from, I had a gear from a Chevy Blazer that was in a fire. I bought 4 eight inch brackets for my project, and cut the gear into quarters. A little welding and painting produced 2 nice sets of shelf brackets. Phillip is getting me some 14 gauge steel for the shelves tonight. I have some smaller gears I just may make more shelves with, for my brother's man-cave. This is what I called "a day of relaxation".



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Apr 3, 2006
I don't have everything although for the last 20 years I've always wanted a gasoline powered wheelchair that'll do 0 to 60 in less then 5 seconds. has half track builted wheels so i can go over mud or sand if on the beach. With a loud car horn on it to let people know I am here. double search lights that are at least one million candle litle power each. Both front and rear. And just for the hell of it two twin size 50 cal. machine guns on each side. Cause if i have to honk my horn and the people still do not move I'll fire off a few doz. rounds to let them know I want through. Decked out all over the chair I want different colored LED DC lighting like the truckers have on there big rigs. where as I can change the color as I wish. And of course a set belt harrness with a roll bar cage just in case. You know some thing like a mimi Tank.


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Jan 7, 2009
:clap: Very creative and inventive Sarah, I hope your brother loves 'em.